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Sazinies ar mums


Sazinies ar mums

Weekdays 9:00-18:00, Saturday 9:00-15:00

Car leasing

Need funding?

  • No down payment
  • With any credit history
  • High quality car
  • Pay only a monthly payment
  • Leasing for people working abroad
  • The car is registered in CSDD on your name
Sum 700 - 25 000 Eur
Due date 6 - 120 months
Monthly payment 99.98 EUR

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to review the leasing application?
We process leasing applications within 30 to 60 minutes, but if there is any missing information, this may delay the execution time. In order to receive an answer ASAP, we urge you to fill out our application form carefully.
Is it possible to buy a car using leasing without an official income?
Yes, it is possible!
Is it possible to buy a car using leasing if I have a bad credit history?
Yes, it is possible!
What will be the monthly payment?
After reviewing the application for a leasing and preparation of the offer, the leasing company determines the interest rate that will directly influence the amount of your monthly payment.
What is the interest rate?
Rates usually start at 5.5%. We cooperate with several leasing companies and each has its own specific interest rate. We are interested in offering you the best interest rate!
What additional expenses should be taken into account?
Initial costs to be taken into account when lease contract is executed: car registration in CSDD, insurance, expenses for a new technical passport. There are also situations when a down payment is required but you will be warned about it in a timely manner.
What is the period of an auto leasing?
Auto leasing term: 3–84 months.
Is it possible to repay the leasing before the set term?
It is possible to pay off leasing obligations before the set term. In order to receive an invoice for the remaining value, you are to send the lessor an application form for termination of the contract.
What is the order of the procedure of re-registration of a car?
We re-register cars in our office. Depending on the leasing, you will have to go to the nearest CSDD to get a new technical passport either on the leasing day or within 5 days.
What documents are required to lease a car?
You are required to have an identity document (passport or ID card).
How do I apply for leasing?
Choose a car in the car catalogue and click “Apply for leasing”. The catalogue is available at: www.raudasauto.lv
What is your address?
We are located at 23 Raudas Street, Riga.

Why should you choose "Raudas Auto"?

Reliable partner in auto sales
Only cars that have been thoroughly examined
Sell or buy a car in some minutes
Best price-quality ratio on the market